Cathay Biotech introduces new innovative lightweight materials made with bio-based polyamides

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The China synthetic resin new material industry development conference, sponsored by the CHINA SYNTHETIC RESIN SUPPLY AND SALES ASSOCIATION, took place in Haikou, Hainan province, Peoples’ Republic of China. The main topic discussed by the attending academics and experts were the carbon emission reduction and carbon neutralization developments faced by the materials industry, especially the challenges and opportunities arising from the requirements that synthetic resin be renewable and recyclable. In order to effectively support carbon emission reductions, some of the great industrial opportunities for the polymer material industry are the lightweight components required by new energy vehicles, wind power generation and other fields. Lightweight metals and non-metal materials, mainly engineering plastics and various composite materials, can reduce the weight of machinery without affecting the strength of the materials, and thus help to improve the economy and environmental protection.

Dr. Xiucai Liu, Chairman and CEO of Cathay Biotech, delivered a speech entitled "Research Progress and Application Scenarios of Bio-based Polyamide", and introduced three engineering plastic products made from bio-based polyamide. These are thermoplastic high temperature resistant bio-based polyamides which are new solutions for lightweight materials.

ECOPENT®1273 is a medium viscosity product of bio-based polyamide produced by Cathay. It has many advantageous characteristics such as low warpage, excellent long-term heat resistance etc. It can be widely used in automotive, rail transit, electronics and electricals, consumer goods, industrial and other applications.

ECOPENT®2260 is another bio-based polyamide which is superior to nylon 66 in mechanical properties and flame retardancy and has excellent low thermal release performance. Therefore, it has a broad application perspective in the fields of connectors, switch shells, peripheral parts of automotive engines and other parts or components in the electronics and electricals industry.

ECOPENT®6300 is a high-temperature polyamide with a melting point of about 300℃. It is better than nylon 66 in mechanical performance and has better liquidity compared with other high-temperature polyamides and other related products on the market. Its applications mainly include automotive, electronics and electricals, consumer electronics, wind power generation, rail transit, aerospace and industrial construction and other industries.I Its manufacturing cost and use cost are greatly reduced, and the development possibilities for lightweight materials are greatly expanded.